Lobby to increase ambition on pollution cuts

Right now we have a great opportunity to argue for Australia to increase our ambition to act on climate changeThe caps and target review by the Climate Change Authority (CCA) allows everyone to make a submission about action on the issues they most care about – whether that’s stopping new coal and gas, supporting renewables and other complementary measures or setting more ambitious targets to reduce carbon pollution.

Anna, CANA's Director, is working with various members to produce a submission guide to suggest key points and show which sections relate to which key issues – available shortly.  Any queries then please get in touch with Anna - anna[at]cana.net.au

Submissions to the review are due Thursday May 30th via the CCA website:  http://consultation.climatechangeauthority.gov.au/

Remember the CCA is independent of government and the CCA report will not have to be approved by any department or Minister prior to its release (draft this October, final in February 2014).  And, although the Opposition has stated the intention to scrap the CCA, it cannot do so without an act of parliament.

Invitation to discuss the issues directly with Anthea Harris the CCA’s CEO:

The first three are CANA hosted events and the next three are public events hosted by various institutions.  I understand another public event is expected be held in Canberra - details tbc:

What: Consultation with Climate Change Authority on Caps and Targets with CANA members


When: Wednesday 8th May 2 – 4pm

Where:  TCI, Level 15, 179 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000

RSVP by:  Tuesday 7th May to anna[at]cana.net.au


When: Friday 10th May 2 – 4pm

Where:  60 Leicester Street, North Carlton, Vic 3053

RSVP by:  Thursday 9th May to anna[at]cana.net.au


When: Tuesday 21st May 9.30am - 11.30am

Where: Level 1, 17 Burnett Lane, Brisbane City

RSVP by: 17th of May to kcaught[at]wwf.org.au

Public Forums

Melbourne hosted by the Grattan Institute  
6th May 2013 6 – 7pm [now passed]

Sydney hosted by the Grattan Institute
7th May 2013 6 – 7pm

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Canberra hosted by CCEP, ANU 

16th May, 12-1.45pm


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Blue Skies Public Forum, Hobart
17th May 2013 5:00pm-6:30pm

Where: Stanley Burbury Theatre, UTAS Sandy Bay campus

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