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CANA’s core principle is that a cohesive, mutual and cooperative civil society is an essential pre-requisite if Australia is to effectively and justly meet the challenges posed by climate change. CANA sees its role as providing the behind-the-scenes work necessary to ensure that such cooperation is possible. As a result, CANA is not often in the public eye, but receives glowing internal endorsement on the necessity of our work from colleagues and campaigners in our member groups.

Like the substrate of nutrient soil in a complex forest ecosystem, CANA’s foundational work allows for simbiotic cooperation between our individual members in the complex ecosystem of social change and advocacy.

Does your climate action group or civil society organisation want the benefits of being part of a supportive and collaborative network dedicated to helping amplify your efforts to secure effective climate change action here in Australia?

Do you want to connect to hundreds of civil society organisations worldwide as part of Climate Action Network International?

If you're interested in joining and want to find out more about being a CANA member, click on the links below, or navigate through the top menus, to find out all you need to know about joining CANA.

Download a CANA Membership Application Form: .pdf or .doc

Why should your group join CANA?

Joining CANA means access to

  • Regular updates to keep members informed on the latest in climate change science, policy and campaigning in Australia and internationally.
  • Full participation in civil society activities at the international climate change negotiations, and updates on the latest developments there.
  • The opportunity to develop joint work on domestic and international advocacy with other CANA member groups
  • Connection and communication with other CANA members through meetings, email lists, workshops and social events.
  • The development of joint positions, strategy and planning
  • Support, advice and information from CANA and other members of the network
  • Full participation in CANA’s annual conference, which sets the agenda for the network each year and provides skills-based, information and planning workshops.
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